Onsite visit to TPP-2 named after A. Zhakutov

About the facility

The tour will take place in the department of TPP-2 named after A. Zhakutov.

The construction of the Almaty TPP-2 named after A.Zhakutov began in 1974 with a design capacity of the first stage of 240 thousand kW, in order to increase the level of seismic safety, the station was deepened by 12 meters. For the first time in the country, boilers with a steam capacity of 420t/h in seismic design were put into operation at the station.

In 1980–1983, three steam boilers of the BKZ-420-140- 7C type and three steam turbines of the PT-80/100-130/13 type were put into operation. The
2nd stage of construction was carried out in ¬1985–1989.

During these years, four more BKZ-420-140- 7C steam boilers, one steam turbine of type R-50-130/13 and two steam turbines of type T-110/120-130-5 were put into operation. In 2016, boiler unit No.8 of type E 420-13.8-560 KT was put into operation. The installed capacity of the station is:

•electric – 510 MW
•thermal – 1411 Gcal/h

The TPP operates according to a thermal schedule with additional power generation in condensation mode.

Heat supply to the Western thermal complex is carried out via heating mains Dy = 800mm and 1000mm. The hot water supply system is open. The temperature schedule of heat release is special with a maximum temperature of mains water in winter up to 1350 C, in summer – 700 C.

After the reform of JSC APK TPP-2 named after A. Zhakutov, it began operating on 15 February 2007 as part of JSC Almaty Electric Power Plants.
The investment project of converting the Almaty TPP-2 to gas:

According to the Almaty TPP-2 modernisation project, it is planned to build a gas turbine TPP with an electric capacity of up to 600 MW and a thermal capacity of 957 Gcal/h. The station will include a housing of gas turbine units and a hot water boiler room.

The conversion of the TPP-2 to natural gas by 2026 will reduce the total volume of pollutant emissions from the current 37 thousand tonnes per year to 3 thousand tonnes. This will improve the environment of Almaty and the Almaty agglomeration and improve the quality of life of citizens.

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